Gurdwara Guru Nanak Satsang, Kupondole, Lalitpur, Nepal

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Guru Nanak Sat Sang Samiti is the main body of Sikh Community in Nepal. Gurudwara is located at the heart of the city near Bagamati River in a land of 7 ropanies of area.

The sangat meets everyday in the evening, reciting of the Five Banis (prayers) begins at 7:00 am followed by Sukhmani Sahib. On every Saturday, weekly Gurudwara congregation service begins at 11 am, with an hour of Kirtan by the local youth Jatha. This is followed by a Gurbani kirtan till 12:45 pm. Langar meals (community kitchen) are served at 1:00 pm. We celebrate all the major Gurpurabs: Guru Nanak Jayanti, Baisakhi, Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti every year by inviting dignitaries and Ragi Jathas from India.

Sikh community here in Kathmandu has been actively participating in social work as well. After the Earthquake, Gurudwara committee was the first to organize and co-ordinate relief activities in and around Kathmandu City. Langar was provided to hundreds of people who took refuge at Gurudwara premises. Relief materials were provided to the Earthquake victims in and around the city.


History of Sikhs migrating to Kathmandu city dates back to 1950s when Sikhs slowly started settling down sensing a great opportunity in Nepal. It was in the late 60s, when Sikh community, by then had large presence, realized the need of having Gurudwara.

With the initiative of Sri Pritam Singh Ji and other few Sikhs, in 1957, in a small rented room Gurudwara was setup in the heart of the city, a place known as New Road. Almost after 8 years, in 1965, Gurudwara was shifted to a place called Akhara near the banks of Bagmati River for 3 years. During that period Sri Pritam Singh Ji and Sri Randhir Singh Ji helped in mobilizing the funds to purchase 7 Ropanies of Land (38332 sq.ft) at Kupondole, Near Bagmati Bridge for Gurudwara, a place where the current Gurudwara is situated.

Subsequently, Guru Nanak Sat Sang Samiti was setup and as time went by New Gurudwara Building was constructed from the donations of local Sikh community.

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