Gurdwara Nanaksar Bhadaur, Barnala, Punjab, India

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This Gurdwara is located in about 11 acres land area in the village Bhadaur of Barnala tehsil of Sangrur district of Punjab. This Gurdwara is located about 30 km from Barnala. The Sangat of village Bhadaur requested Sant Baba Ishar Singh Jee to build a Gurdwara at this place that was completed by Sant Baba Gurdev Singh Jee. Sant Baba Gurdev Singh Jee initiated Katha & Kirtan at this place in 1964 in the temporary structure. However the new building was constructed in 1990. At this place Masand (last day of lunar calendar month) is celebrated every month at about 10 am and Sangat attend the Bhog of Sri Sampat Akhand Path of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee and Katha & Kirtan. Amrit is administered every month after the ceremonies.

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