Gurdwara Nanaksar Birmingham, Birmingham, West Midlands, England

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The Birmingham Nanaksar Gurdwara was in the past an old Methodist church. It was converted to its present state back in 1981 and a much needed extension was done in 1991 due to a huge increase in Sangat. Even today, on Pooranmashi & other special occasions the main prayer hall gets completely full. There are plans to extend the langar hall to accommodate the ever increasing Sangat.

This was the first Gurdwara that Baba Gurdev Singh Jee built outside of India and since then seven more have been built. The main priority Baba Jee has when building a Gurdwara is to start the Nitnem of ‘Kirtan’ in the morning and evening, then comes the construction work. Pooranmashi is the main function celebrated at this Gurdwara every month in the evening. Sangat from all over UK come to participate in the celebration and attend the Bhog of Sri Sampat Akhand Path of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee followed by Katha and Kirtan.

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