Gurdwara Nanaksar Winnipeg, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

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Holy Sant Baba Gurdev Singh Jee came to Canada with Ragi Jatha (Group of Monks) in 1980 for the first time. They arrived in Montreal and stayed there for 3 weeks before coming to Toronto on train. Holy Sant along with his entourage went to Winnipeg on invitation of the Sangat of the city. The Sangat requested Holy Sant to build a Gurdwara in the city. Holy Sant directed them to look for place to build Gurdwara. On Holy Sant tour in 1982, a church was found on sale. The Sangat of the city collected the money by borrowing on their houses and bought the church in May 1982. The Kirtan at the place started in July 1982. One can see now a big building of the Gurdwara at this place where Pooranmashi is celebrated every month in the evening. The Sikh Sangat of the area and surrounding provinces visit Gurdwara and attend the Bhog of Sri Akhand Path followed by Katha and Kirtan. The building is decorated and conspicuously visible from a long distance by a beautiful dome.

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