Gurdwara Sheesh Mahal Sahib, Mohali, Punjab, India

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Gurdwara Sahib Sheesh Mahal Ji(Kartarsar) is situated in the area of Village SISWAN,near village Parol in district Mohali (Punjab). It is situated in the Suburbs of Chandigarh and the road which leads from P.G.I. Chandigarh to Kurali is very nearby to it. The Eternal place of the Sikh Panth Gurdwara Sahib Sheesh Mahal Ji came into form in the fond memory of Heavenly Great Spiritual and Noble soul of Shreeman Puran Brahmgyani Sant Baba Kartar Singh Ji Maharaj (Bhairon Majre Wale).

The Gurdwara Sahib Ji is distinctly privileged to be situated in the laps of nature,surrounded by Shiwalik Hillocks, far away from the worldly hustle-bustle thereby bearing a very calm and serene atmosphere. It is pertinent to mention that the building of the Gurdwara Sahib Ji is very majestic which has been constructed with exclusive care and utmost dedication. These are the reasons as why a large number of devotees come to this place of worship to pay obeisance, seek spiritual enlightenment and enjoy the natural scenic view.

Shreeman Sant Baba Kuljeet Singh Ji is the Spiritual Head of Gurdwara Sahib Ji and he is the sole reckoning force behind all the wonderful development of this religious place. His deep faith and perfect devotion does all the wonders. Despite all his involvements, he spares sufficient time to go abroad for preaching of Sikhism in countries like Malaysia,Singapore,Indonesia,Philippines,etc.

“Santan Ki Sun Sachi Sakhi, So Bole Jo Pekhai akhi”

This phrase stands true with the virtue of the serving period of Sant Baba Kuljeet Singh Ji, who was serving Puran Brahmgyani Sant Baba Kartar Singh Ji (Bhairon Majre Wale). Baba ji, was mentioned repeatedly by his Mahapurakh that he should obtain 1-2 acres of this land.


 1. Puran Brahmgyani Sant Baba Kartar Singh Ji Maharaj (Bhairon Majre Wale) who left for the heavenly abode in September 1998, had mentioned that a Sheesh Mahal will be built at this place, so that people could visit this Gurdwara from all over the world. His wish was fulfilled after his transition from this world. 

 2. Sardar Amin Singh Bajwa, who was a religious figure and was the father of the Donator, Sardar Onkar Singh Bajwa, used to visit this place very often and used to bow down repeatedly at this place. People used to make fun of him, but he used to mention that, one day this place will be a very beautiful religious place, which is a reality now. A Mahapurkh (Saint) had visited one of the followers house, 25 years ago. When the family offered this Mahapurkh some sort of offerings or gifts, he pointed in the direction of this Holy Place and mentioned that a religious place is going to start over here, offer your services to this place. That family is till now serving the Gurdwara Sahib Ji and have been associated with it since its inception. 

 3. Every Eighteenth instant of the month is especially significant for the Gurdwara Sahib Ji as a large congregation takes part in the day's religious activities.The great ethical principles of Sikhism are endeavored to be instilled in the minds of the followers through preaching. Besides this special day, Sundays are also busy when the devotee's come in large number to pay obeisance at this holy shrine and also to see and listen to Baba ji. 

 4. The annual function is another main feature of this place which is organised on the 16,17 and 18th of November every year. The whole property of this holy shrine is in the name of Sheesh Mahal Gurmat Ruhani Charitable Trust. The Trust, besides administering Gurdwara affairs in a very befitting manner, also participates in various selfless service activities of humanity. To mention in brief, Medical Camps are organised so often, financial help to the poor is another important feature. Gurdwara Sahib also administers 24 hours Langar Di Sewa (Community Kitchen) to the visitors. In view of the increasing number of devotee's, a spacious Langar Hall is being built and for which the work has started. The Sikh Sangat is welcome to donate generously. The Amrit Sanchar(Baptism Ceremony) takes place at the time of annual function. So many followers take this oppurtunity to get baptised. The Gurdwara's Management also administers Langar Service at the Chandigarh Ropar Road near village Padiala at the time of Holla Mahalla and Basant Panchmi.

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