Gurudwara Shri Tahla Sahib, Chabba, Punjab, India

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Gurdwara Sri Tahla Sahib is a historic place, where Baba Deep Singh Ji fought a firece battle with Mughals led by the Mughal commander Jahan Khan. It marks the place where both (Baba Deep Singh Ji and Jahan Khan) were beheaded in a common attack.

At the place, where Baba ji was beheaded, was a huge Seasham Tree(Tahli) with bigger girth due which it is known as TAHLA and therefore, this Gudwara is known as TAHLA SAHIB. it is hardly 7 kms from Amritsar on Tarn Taran Road.

A new spacious building of Gurdwara is under construction at this place under the direct supervision of Baba Darshan Singh ji, Mukh Sewak, who is also Chairman-cum-Member Trustee of trust named and styled as "DHAN DHAN BABA DEEP SINGH JI SHAHEED GURDWARA TAHLA SAHIB TRUST" which is Registered with the State of Punjab as well as the Income Tax Department, Govt.of India. Donation to this trust is also exempted under Section 80G(5) of IT Act,1961 The main building will be centrally Air Conditioned. Besides, a new hospital with modern facilities along with a technical institute is also part of the project.

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