Gurudwara Sri Dastar Asthan, Paonta Sahib, Himachal Pradesh, India

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Gurudwara Dastar Asthan is situated quite in front of Harimandir Sahib to the left of Kavi Darbar Asthan, near the stairs of bathing place on the bank of Yamuna river. It was at this place that Guru Gobind Singh used to hold a competition of the Sikhs for tying the turbans and also awarded and honoured the persons tying beautiful and decent turbans.

It was here amidst the natural surroundings that Guru Sahib used to recite Sodar Sahib'. Here Guru Sahib used to distribute salaries to his warriors. This is a unique place in the world, where the competition of tying the turbans were held.

After coming out victorious from the battle of Bhangani Sahib, Guru Sahib sat here at this very place, applauded the sacrifices of warriors of Bhangani Sahib for their valour and gave them shields full of gold coins.
Devotion of Pir Budhu Shah for the cause of Sikhism was also greatly appreciated and Siropa (Robe of Honour and Dignity) along with an award of 65000 gold coins was also bestowed upon Pir Budhu Shah by Guru Sahib.

It was this very place where Guru Gobind Singh Sahib was combing his hair before elevating a turban and Pir Budhu Shah was feeling internal joice on having holy glimpses of Guru Sahib while sitting near him, when Guru Gobind Singh asked Pir Budhu Shah, " Pir ji, tell me for a boon, we are pleased with you". Pir Budhu Shah got up from his place and requested with folded hands, " Sache Patshah (0 true king emperor) if you are kind enough to me, please give this comb along with hairs entangled with it and. I shall see your image in the comb itself in my hermitage at sadhora."

Guru Sahib granted this boon along with a Hukamnama (Appreciation later) to Pir Budhu Shah which the successive generations of his sons preserved for centuries. Sir, Maharaja Bharpoor Singh of Nabha state in Punjab, got these most sacred things which were preserved there.

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