Kavi Darbar Asthan, Paonta Sahib, Himachal Pradesh, India

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This place called Kavi Darbar is situated just behind the Gurudwara Harimandir Sahib near a step hill on the bank of river Yamuna and is quite visible from the opposite hill. It is a wide plain on a step hill where Guru Gobind Singh himself composed Gurbani. His works namely Jaap Sahib, Sawaye Patshahi Daswi, Chandi-Di-Var and major part of Bachittar Natak' were composed at this very place. Guru Sahib got translated the old literature and other literary writings also, in simple language, over here.He got easy translation of Rama Avtar & Krishna Avtar. It was here that Guru Sahib awarded and honoured the poets and literary personalities for their appreciable work. It was here that Guru Sahib preached to the writers that there should be no difference in their words and deeds. Guru Sahib took steps immediately to rectify any of the fault or discrepancy found aroused in any of the poets. In this way, invaluable literature was composed at this place and scholars were prepared for a social revolution. Chroniclers state that while crossing Sirsa river at the time of leaving Anandpur Sahib, manuscripts to the tune of about Nine Maunds (725 Pounds Approx.) drowned in the river it self. Much of the literature drowned in the Sirsa river was written here at Paonta Sahib at this very place. Later on, some of the copies of the literature were collected from devotees and the compositions were secured in the.shape of Dasam Granth and other writings. Those days, there was only one raised platform at this spot known as Kavi Darbar Astham, but later on it was converted into a beautiful memorial. There is a scheme to raise a captivating building on this spot. Some rooms for the comfort and stay of pilgrims here have also been constructed over here. The crown (sole sovereign) of poets, Dashmesh Pita held a special Kavi Darbar on the night of full-moon at Kavi Darbar Asthan. This Kavi Darbar of Guru Sahib, consisted of 52 poets of great repute of different languages. Guru Sahib bestowed high regard and affection to the poets. One Kavi named Chandan was awarded a prize of 65000 gold coins by Guru Sahib being very much amused on one of his poems. But at the same time, on noticing that pride had aroused in his mind regarding- his poetical skill, the same was got vanquished through an illiterate grass-cutter disciple named Dhanna, who was in the service of cleaning dung-hill of horses of Guru Ghar. It was here at Paonta Sahib that the tradition of holding Kavi Darbar in Guru Ghar commenced which is continuously being maintained till date on every night of full-moon. It is also over here that Guru Sahib addressed river Yamuna to pass through this place silently without making any noise which is being observed by the river Yamuna for the last more than 300 years.

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