Shri Lakhpat Sahib Ji, Lakhpat, Gujarat, India

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In the Course of Guru Nanak Dev ji's Travels (Udasis) Guru Nanak Dev ji visited Gujarat. In old times Lakhpat was part of Sind (Now in Pakistan). Lakhpat is 170 Kms from Gandhidham, Gujarat (India). In sixteen century it was known as "Basta Bander".

Lakhpat used to be rice growing area and was a popular port also, but due to Earthquake of 1819 A.D., the area became barren and crops withered away for want of water because river disappeared.

To commorate the visit of Lakhpat by Guru Nanak Dev ji, a Gurudwara was built in the early years of Nineteenth Century and a vast tract of land was bestowed to Gurudwara to make up expenses for maintenance and to look after the visitors, from the revenue from the land and the crops grown there. Lakhpat is about 20 Km from KORIANI village where there is a big Srovar in memory of the visit by Guru Nanak Dev ji. From Lakhpat Guru crossed to SONMIANI port in Sind for going to MECCA MADINA (Saudi Arabia).

Guru Nanak Dev ji's "Charan Paduka" - KHADAVAS are present at Gurudwara Shri Lakhpat Sahib ji.

At present the "sewa" for building up Yatri Niwas, Langar hall, Diwal Hall is being taken up by Shri Baba Lakkha Singh ji - Baruch.

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