Sikh Temple Nakuru, Nakuru, Nakuru County, Kenya

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The history of the Sikhs in Kenya’s Rift Valley and its largest town, Nakuru, is long and distinguished. In the early years many Sikhs and other Indians worked for the railway, the biggest employer, while others were employed by the Government Public Works Department and by the many European farmers who had settled in the areas towns – notably Elburgon, Gilgil, Londiani, Mau, Narok, Molo Naivasha, Thompson’s Falls and Subukia.

When people migrate from one geographical region to another they generally carry with them their cultural and religious values and beliefs. The Nakuru Sikhs were no exception and the fact was recognized in 1903 by the railway authorities who allocated a plot, north of the Nakuru marshaling yards, for the construction of a Gurdwara. As in other cases, most of the early Gurdwara’s in Kenya were built along or near the route of the railway; the location of the most important historic Gurdwara in Kenya - Makindu Gurdwara springs to the mind.

Built, re-built and developed and re-developed since 1918, this Sikh temple (gurudwara) marks a long history of Sikhs in the Rift Valley. Sadly, the local policy of "Africanisation" of post Independence 1963 has ethnically cleansed Sikhs, other south Asians from the rift valley as it has become difficult for the Asians in jobs and trading licenses, etc which has driven them away- these communities are now flourishing in USA, Canada, UK and Australia.

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